Monday, April 9, 2012

Rinko Kawauchi: Emulation Project

- Born in Shiga, Japan: 1972
- Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design in 1993
- Began photographing professionally in 1997
- Published three photography books in 2001 (Utatane, Hanabi, Hanako)
- Published Aila in 2004, Cui Cui in 2005, and Semear in 2007
- Just released Illuminance (2011)
- Has received numerous awards including: 1997 Grand Prix Prize at the Guardian Garden’s 9th Hitotsubo Exhibition, the 27th Ihei Kimura Photography Award in 2002, and the 2009 International Center of Photography Infinity Award in Art

- Kawauchi has become well known as a contemporary photographer in the last decade. She is known for  fantastic composition and for bringing to light details around her. Most of Kawauchi's images depict ordinary objects and scene in a serene and awfully poetic manner. Often, Kawauchi plays with sparkling and blinding lights, and her photos are known for a kind of whitish veil that gives them an unearthly feel. Also, in her books, Kawauchi sets her photos in pairs, finding magnificently subtle connections between her images. 

- In my emulation project, my focus is more on the connection of the images than Kawauchi's style of shooting. Taking my images, I will pair them together based on the feeling of connectedness I find between my photographs. I will also follow Kawauchi in trying to capture ordinary moments and objects and bring more meaning to them through the pairings. 

Photos from Rinko Kawauchi

Monday, February 13, 2012